CHILL 東北プログラム 2016 概要が決定しました!



【参加者】事前申込みをした岩手県陸前高田市の児童 17名

【参加者】事前申込みをした宮城県石巻市の児童 49名

【参加者】事前申込みをした岩手県宮古市の児童 42名

【参加者】事前申込みをした福島県大熊町、相馬市の児童 37名


  • ・子供たちにスノーボードを教える
  • ・子供たちと一緒に遊ぶ

1泊2日のプログラムで、ボランティアの皆さんにはキャンプ中の食事、宿泊場所、リフト券の提供があります。 キャンプ中2日間はスノーボードを自由滑走する時間はありませんので、予めご理解ください。 また、原則として、現地集合、現地解散となります。(交通手段の確保が難しい方は、ご相談ください。)


メールタイトル 東北ボランティア
  • ・氏名
  • ・ふりがな
  • ・電話番号
  • ・住所
  • ・参加可能な会場
  • ・インストラクターをお願いしてもいいですか? はい / いいえ
  • ・スノーボードのスキル・資格(インストラクター、アシスタントの経験の有無など)
  • ・それ以外のスキル・資格(看護師、保育士、教師、運転免許証など)
  • ・この募集(HP)を何で知りましたか?



Volunteer Snowboarders Needed for the Chill Tohoku Program, 2016!

The Chill Tohoku program will be back in full force this year, and we’re stoked to help children in Tohoku create some awesome new memories. If you want to make a difference through snowboarding, please take a look at our upcoming schedule and volunteer!

What is the Chill Tohoku Program?

The Chill Tohoku Program invites children affected by the Great East Earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011 for fun-filled snowboarding trips over the weekend (1 night, 2 days). We have 4 trips planned this season!

Trip Schedule

Trip 1
Date: Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th February
Location: Kunimi-daira Ski Resort, Iwate Prefecture
Participants: 17 Children from Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture

Trip 2
Date: Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th March
Location: Kunimi-daira Ski Resort, Iwate
Participants: 49 children from Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

Trip 3
Date: Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th March
Location: Shizukuishi Resort, Iwate
Participants: 42 children from Miyako, Iwate Prefecture

Trip 4
Date: Sunday 20th – Monday 21st (Holiday)March
Location: Alts Bandai Resort, Fukushima
Participants: 37 children from Ohkuma-Machi, Soma, Fukushima Prefecture

What’s Expected of Volunteers

Teach the children/ help them to snowboard
Play with the children and spend time with them when you’re not snowboarding as well
It’s absolutely fine if you’re not a professional instructor, we will assign you to an instructor as his/ her assistant ☺

All meals, lodging, lift-passes for both days (drinks and snacks for the adults at night after the kids have gone to bed) will all be provided for volunteers. Please note that you will have to cover your own transportation costs to get there and you won’t have much time to ride for yourself during the two days. You are there to support the kids, and we promise you, it will be a really fun and rewarding experience. (You can always come a day early or stay on if you want to get some serious riding time in too ;-) )

If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer for one of the trips, please copy the points below, answer the questions below and email them to You can also contact Kazuo Ogura, Chill Japan Executive Director (don’t worry, he speaks great English) at 090-4755-8182 or the Chill Japan office at 050-5846-8860

Email Title: Tohoku Volunteer 2016
Full Name:
Contact Number:
Date and name of the trip you would like to volunteer on:
Can we ask you to be an instructor? (Yes/ No)
What’s your snowboarding skill? (i.e are you comfortable with being an instructor, or would you rather be an assistant?)
Please list other skills that may be relevant: (i.e first aid, nursing, teaching, driver’s license)
How did you find out about Chill?

Thank you very much for your consideration, and we really hope you’ll come and join us on the slopes this year! This is all made possible thanks to the support of good volunteers who want to share their passion for snowboarding with kids and cheer them up. The kids are great and you’ll feel great, so please sign up